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Life Positive: A Journey to the Center of My Heart

Special Advance Free Download for Media Only On Thursday, November 12, 2015

For 5 Days Beginning World AIDS Day 2015 (December 1st), Author/Activist Nicholas Snow is Offering a Free Download of his Living-Powerfully-With-HIV Memoir...

Author/Activist Nicholas Snow is offering a free, worldwide digital download of his living-powerfully-with-HIV memoir—Life Positive: A Journey to The Center of My Heart—to inspire everyone participating in the fight against HIV/AIDS, and to further champion awareness of the importance of HIV testing.

Writes editor Kristin Johnson, “From Hollywood to Bangkok, to Bali and beyond, including Kuala Lumpur and Palm Springs — with profound expansion to Singapore, Mumbai and throughout all of Asia, and ultimately in 21 languages across the globe — Life Positive: A Journey to the Center of My Heart could easily be titled Eat, Pray, Disclose.

While this written-as-he-lived-it story is truly global in nature, it was completed and edited in Snow's current home o…

Indy Publisher Launches PrideFlight2018

Worldwide trip is a bid to become the first gay pilot to circumnavigate the globe flying a DC-3

DJ Doran, publisher and seasoned aviator, announced today the launch of PrideFlight2018 ( In the spring of 2018, Doran will attempt to become the first openly gay pilot to circumnavigate the globe on a goodwill mission supporting LGBTQ communities, groups and organizations worldwide.

Doran and his crew will be flying a WWII-era DC-3, fully restored to modern standards.

“I chose the DC-3 for its superior airframe and reliability,” says Doran. “The DC-3 revolutionized air transport in the 1930s and 1940s with its range of 1,500 miles. The airplane has long had a reputation of being rugged and reliable, which makes it the perfect plane for such a mission.”

The plane will be transported from Mexico to California, where it will undergo the first phase of restoration and remain for the winter before making its way to Indianapolis in the spring of 2016.

The mission will depar…

Queer Gaming Convention GaymerX Debuts in Australia with Kickstarter Campaign

Special guests include Chris Avellone, Tim Cain, Rae Johnston and AussieGamerChick

The Kickstarter campaign for GX Australia, Australia’s first queer geek and gaming convention has gone live. This marks the first time the highly successful US convention GaymerX has debuted outside of the United States. Run by Liam Esler (Event Manager of Game Connect Asia Pacific, Australia’s premiere game development conference) and Joshua Meadows (organiser of Sydney Gaymers, Australia's largest queer gaming group) in conjunction with GaymerX organisers MidBoss, GX Australia will be arriving in Sydney, February 27-28, 2016 at the Australian Technology Park.

In order to make the convention a reality, GX Australia is asking for $50,000 which — along with sponsor funding and ticket sales — will be used to fund over 6,000 square metres of expo space showcasing cosplay tournaments, vendor stalls, tons of indie games talent, and appearances by well-known personalities in the video games industry. Addi…

RedPost: Get A Second Chance For Love At First Sight

A new app based in Real Life Interactions (RFL) not photos

What if I’d just given him my number? What if I hadn’t scurried off with my tail between my legs? What if I had just smiled instead of looking away?

“What ifs” are a thing of the past, because now, there’s an app for that, it called RedPost (Available for download on iTunes coming soon to Android).  RedPost gives you a second chance at making a first impression. RedPost is the fix for anyone who has ever tried to find a way to “Kismeet” Mr. Right.

Picture this: You’re stopped at a traffic light, scanning the street, when a god pulls up alongside you. He’s exactly your type, and unbelievably, you make eye contact, smile at each other and just as you muster up the nerve to say something… the light turns green, he turns right, you can’t make the turn and what was destined to be a great love affair is over before it starts. BRP (Before RedPost), that would have been the end of the conversation. ARP (After RedPost) LOVE is still pos…

Heart-pounding Passion, Action Take Center Stage in New Novel by Tony Ginyard

Someone is murdering pre-op transgender people and a popular investigative journalist is hot on the killer’s trail. She has a special interest in the case – that same person has threatened her life. An unpleasant surprise at an award ceremony, followed by a violent act, is just the first step. This new thriller released by Dog Ear Publishing features a growing body count, broken promises and a killer’s thirst for revenge.

Misled” stars reporter Pamela Downing; her handsome husband Eric Tambone, a business man and ladies’ man; her best friend, the handsome Bryce Haddaway, who’s having second thoughts about his boyfriend, Chad, who has secrets of his own; longtime friend Sean, who makes a play for Bryce; Detective Dennis Edwards, who will not stop until he finds out who is responsible for killing his partner; and Fred, whose connection to events causes him to lose everything he ever held dear.

Affairs take their toll on married couples, and a shocking revelation leads to deadly encount…

Recording Artist SIR IVAN Kicks off Transgender Awareness Campaign With Special Screening of a New Documentary

NEW YORK, Oct. 1, 2015 (PRNewswire) -- Pop-dance recording artist SIR IVAN aka "Peaceman" announced today he is kicking off a campaign to raise awareness of transgender issues.  This is also a new area of focus for The Peaceman Foundation, SIR IVAN's philanthropic organization, which has been a longtime supporter of LGBT issues, fighting hate crime, bullying and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.).

The campaign will begin on October 14, 2015, when SIR IVAN hosts a screening of a new documentary, called "SIR IVAN: I Am Peaceman", which chronicles the musical and philanthropic career of SIR IVAN. The film is directed by four-time Emmy award-winning director Jim Brown, who has also done documentaries on Billy Joel, Pete Seeger, and Peter, Paul and Mary. Released by POP TWIST through MVD Visual Entertainment Inc., the leading pop culture sales company, with event programming featuring Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Bono, Amy Winehouse and many more, this docume…

RedPost Unveils 5 Exciting Promos After Successful VIP Party Launch

After a fantastic App launch party at Los Angeles' Bar 10 on Wednesday, RedPost, the new app that helps you get a second chance for love at first sight, launched 3 promotions on Thursday with promotional partners.

After a solid month of teasing us, RedPost launched on Wednesday September 15th with an over the top party, at West Hollywood's Bar 10.
The hyper-masculine comics used in the online campaign for the app came to life with L.A.'s finest models, assisted by the always glorious Guys & Manilla.

Check out the full photo gallery here!
At the party, we found out that the attendees were invited to beta-text version 3.0 of the app and will receive an invitation from Apple.
While we're not sure how many spots may still be available, feel free to visit to be on the waiting for the beta testing.
3 Promotion launched simultaneously on Thursday. Visit L.A.S.C, Toast, Body Factory, Shorty's or L.A. Skin to find out how you can win …

SIR IVAN’S PRIDE RAINBOW CASTLE… more beautiful than the White House

Recording Artist and Philanthropist Sir Ivan hosted a Royal Tea Dance Party for over 600 friends and music fans at his spectacular 15,000 square foot Castle in Water Mill on Saturday, August 22nd. Inspired by the White House, which was lit in rainbow colors after the Supreme Court’s decision on Marriage Equality, Sir Ivan turned his medieval style Castle into the largest disco flashing rainbow light show in the world.

The epic party celebrated his new anti-bullying anthem and music video, Billboard hit “Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye,” featuring Taylor Dayne and produced by Paul Oakenfold.  The night, which also served as a thank you to supporters of his charity, The Peaceman Foundation, featured a 5-hour set from Vienna’s Life Ball Resident DJ Sin Morera and non-stop dancing from 28 world class professional hustle and Latin hustle dancers from Stepping Out Studios.

The evening re…

LA Club Event Pays Tribute to Madonna

DJ RAY ISAAC - Official MADONNA BAR Opening in Los Angeles

International DJ RAY ISAAC has announced the official debut of MADONNA BAR Los Angeles in September. The highly-anticipated event, which launched last year in Sydney Australia, is said to commemorate the pop icon. In a statement to herald the upcoming engagement, RAY ISAAC said, “Madonna BAR is the premium experience”. RAY, a pop singer, songwriter, and DJ will be hosting the exclusive event. Ray goes on to say, “This is a monthly event especially for the die hard Madonna family as we pay tribute to her music and how she has impacted our lives”.

This new event, which touts the phrase “Express Yourself at MADONNA BAR”, opens its doors to guests for its grand opening Red Carpet Launch on Saturday September 19th, 2015 at Busbys East. RAY ISAAC has invited internationally known Madonna impersonator Venus D'Lite, (Ru Paul's Drag Race, My Strange Addiction, and Botched) who will be giving a special performance. In addition t…

Sir Ivan's Hamptons Happening Bashes Bullying [Video]

Recording artist Sir Ivan will host his annual Hamptons extravaganza to celebrate the success of his latest Billboard hit, Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye, produced by Paul Oakenfold and featuring Taylor Dayne

The event dubbed Sir Ivan’s Royal Tea Dance will take place on Saturday, August 22nd at Sir Ivan’s Castle and recreate the ambiance of Studio 54, the iconic New York nightclub where every night, a mixed LGBT and heterosexual crowd danced in harmony. The Castle (below) will glow in rainbow colored LED lights for the special occasion, just like the White House did when gay marriage was made legal. 

Guests will be dressed as one of the Village People, a musical group that best symbolizes the party theme of diversity, acceptance and love.
[READ: The Village People Are At War In The Hamptons]
The child of Holocaust survivor, Siggi B. Wilzig, Sir Ivan knows what the toll of aggression and hostility to others can do to people as well as its long-lasting effects. Thus was born his Peaceman…

Design World Media's "Same Sex Wedding" Art Poster

by Michael J Valente

About 40 years ago in a cozy little restaurant in Provincetown, Massachusetts, my wife and I witnessed the beginnings of the LGBT civil rights movement.  We were there!... during the great Florida Orange Juice boycott caused by Anita Bryant.  The Mimosas with a substitute juice tasted even better.  The culmination happened on Friday, June 26, 2015 when the SCOTUS made same-sex marriage the law of the land.  We Progressives predicted this many yeas ago.  Now it is time for us  to share our art "Same Sex Wedding" with the World.

(Not for nothin'... but you four Neanderthal SCOTUS's, please knuckle-drag your pitiful, disgraceful, lost souls back into your pre-historic cave with the rest of the pre-humans.  No, I won't sugar-coat it.)

I'm a photographer and I work with my long-time assistant.  After I retired, we started playing around with digital art on my PC.  We created many different abstract images... some with…

The Village Family Services Awarded Three-Year Commission on CARF Accreditation

The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, or better known as CARF International, announced that The Village Family Services (TVFS) has been accredited for a period of three years for its adoptions, drop-in center, foster care, mental health and wraparound programs. This is the first accreditation that the international accrediting body, CARF, has awarded to The Village Family Services.

This accreditation decision represents the highest level of accreditation that can be awarded to an organization and shows the organization’s substantial conformance to the CARF standards. An organization receiving a Three-Year Accreditation has put itself through a rigorous peer review process. It has demonstrated to a team of surveyors during an on-site visit its commitment to offering programs and services that are measurable, accountable, and of the highest quality.

The Village Family Services is a community-based nonprofit organization with headquarters located at 6736 Laurel C…

Multimedia Platforms Acquires Next Magazine, New York's Leading Gay Lifestyle Publication

Multimedia Platforms, Inc., the only LGBTQ publicly traded media company, today announced closing on the acquisition of New York's leading gay lifestyle weekly resource Next Magazine from RND Publications. Next began publishing in 1993 and today has over 50,000 weekly print readers, in excess of 120,000 monthly on-line unique visitors, 14,000 Twitter followers and a following on Facebook that exceeds 75,000 fans. Multimedia Platforms current Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Hopper, will be appointed Publisher of NEXT.

With the closing of Next, MMPW has further consolidated the LGBTQ media marketplace by connecting top brands in top markets to create one, unified, national brand. These markets represent highly sought after target areas for Fortune 500 companies to reach a large percentage of the $850 Billion total purchasing power of the U.S. LGBTQ community. Leading global brands including Marriott, Nike, American Airlines, Starbucks and Walmart have all displaye…

Blued, China's #1 Gay Social Media App Sponsors OUTFEST & Invites You to DTLA's Newest Gay Bar Redline

Blued, China’s #1 social media app announced today its ongoing commitment to the western market with a day sponsorship on Saturday 11th July during Outfest, Los Angeles’ LGBT Film Festival from July 9 - 19th. They are also planning a launch party in Los Angeles on Saturday on the 11th at Redline Bar, downtown Los Angeles’ newest Gay bar.
Blued, owned by, China’s largest gay website, recently made headlines when they partnered with Alibaba to bring 10 same-sex couples to Los Angeles to take part in a group wedding. The nuptials are set to take place on the steps of the West Hollywood Library on Tuesday, June 9th 2015 at 9:00 am three days before the kick-off of the 45th annual Los Angeles Pride Weekend.
Now with Outfest’s sponsorship & after-party they are solidifying their commitment to North America.
“Outfest, Los Angeles’ LGBT film festival seemed like the perfect way to keep our endeavors into the US going,” said Ben Mason, Blued’s marketing director, “There are alwa…

Being Extraordinary in Your Field May Qualify You To Work in The U.S.

Q & A With Immigration Attorney Lynn E. Schwartz By Fabrice Tasendo Following the success of our last Q & A piece on same-sex couples, marriage and how to get your green card, I sat down once again with immigration attorney Lynn E. Schwartz of Lemery Greisler LLC, to talk about a lesser known way to legally get working in the U.S.

I was very impressed by comment, shares, likes and re-tweets from our last piece, and I have to say aside from the questions about specifics, the one comment I got the most was ‘that’s a lot of pressure to put on a potential life partner.  Is there any other way to legally work and stay in the U.S.?’ So once more I turned to Lynn, and started asking away.  As it turns out, there are other ways a person might come to live and work in the U.S., some of which are not as well-known as others, and today we focused on one of them.

Q:  Lynn, it’s great to see you again! In our last conversation you mentioned another way for LGBT foreigners (and our straight…

Fountaingrove Lodge: A Golden Option for your Golden Gay Years

By Colby Jones
According to an old Irish myth, there is a pot of gold waiting at the end of every rainbow. In the heart of Sonoma’s Wine Country Fountaingrove Lodge, a revolutionary new oasis welcoming LGBT seniors, is for those fortunate enough to discover it, a place that validates the spirit of that ancient myth in a metaphorical, if not wholly literal, sense.

While there be my no physical pot of gold awaiting seniors arriving at Fountaingrove Lodge, there is America’s first upscale lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT)-friendly retirement community committed to providing continuing and progressive care, a fact that, in and of itself, represents what can be only be categorized as a golden opportunity for a segment of the seniors community that has long been overlooked and under-served.

Unlike so many retirement homes, Fountaingrove Lodge is more resort than traditional senior living facility. A genuinely luxurious community of residences, Fountaingrove is comprised of 64 apart…

Same-Sex Spouses, Green Cards & Happily Ever After

Q & A With Immigration Attorney Lynn E Schwartzby Fabrice Tasendo
You have found your soul-mate and forever partner.  You decide to get married, and want to make your permanent home in the U.S.  You’re not sure if this is feasible because only one of you is a U.S. citizen.  Can your spouse live and work here? What do you need to do?
Lately I've been getting these questions a lot. With a name like mine, once people realize that French is my native tongue and I only moved to the U.S. right after college, I pretty much get interrogated. Now that the nation is being swept with Marriage Equality, bi-national couples are getting married and having to navigate the muddy waters to a green card, pretty much like my bi-national straight friends did before them.
So I sat down with immigration attorney Lynn E Schwartz of Lemery Greisler LLC, and it was my turn to question her.

Q: Lynn, all my friends are getting married and all my bi-national friends are quizzing me.  Is it true that the…