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Interactive Male Launches Video Chat

As a leader and pioneer in the GLBT community, Interactive Male knows what men want and need in a gay chat service and has provided it for many years. With a variety of awards and recognitions in the community, Interactive Male continues to consistently provide their customers and members with innovative products. The most recent of these products is the ability to see the person you’re talking to, available at

In order to use the software, members call into the service like they normally would; only now they can logon to Interactive Male’s video chat site as well, found at When a user connects with somebody on the phone, they can also connect via the website to see that person via webcam. This integrated system allows customers to now meet people the usual chatline way, while providing availability for the video component.

Interactive Male continues to lead the industry as it has for over fifteen years bringing m…

Our Client,, Launches New Website

Be sure to drop on by to check out their new website we've helped them launch. With saunas in 9 locations around the US, you can now get a better feel for what they are like, inside and out!

Also, check out the new Clubs Locker Room at - a whole new social network just for fans!

Enjoy the site:

Gay Day @ LA Auto Show

Are you into cars? Do you enjoy the annual LA Auto Show?
Cruise the LA Auto Show like never before….
Join Saturn, Cadillac, Saab and Chevrolet at the first-ever LGBT community day at the Los Angeles Auto Show

Gay Day @ the LA Auto Show

Check out the Facebook event page as well:

Pride Radio's Swiss Giveaway

"Hey all... be sure to check this out... it's from one of our partners here online,!"

Switzerland is one of the world's most LGBT friendly vacation destinations. It's our "PrideRadio Destination of the Month" and we're giving away a trip for two just for joining The Pride Party! From September 8th, 2008 through October 3rd, 2008, enter below to win the Pride Radio Switzerland Trip Getaway that includes: 2 roundtrip tickets with Swiss International Air Lines7 nights of hotel accommodation8-day first class Swiss Pass for unlimited travel within Switzerland public transportation system Promo Video

Check it out... also, will be running on video coming soon

2009 Gay Market Report Introduction

Welcome to the 2009 Gay Market Report, a comprehensive look at various opportunities and media sources for companies wishing to target the gay & lesbian community.

Much of what you will find in this report is a summary of the opportunities available, with website URLs being the primary source of contact. For the media sources that have opted to participate in this guide, you'll find a more comprehensive breakdown of information along with contact details to allow you to make better informed decisions as to which sources may best serve your marketing needs.

This guide is intended to cover the full range of gay & lesbian media sources and opportunities, including Internet, Print, E-mail, Events and more. Each year this guide will be updated with current information and will continue to grow along with the gay & lesbian media marketplace.

Brief History of the Gay Market
The emergence of gay & lesbian media is a somewhat recent phenomenon of the past 30 years. Starting wit…

Spotlight on Feast of Fools (plus GLBT Podcasting)

One of the most popular talk shows on the Internet today, as well as one of the originals in the gay market, Feast of Fools, alternately know as Gay Fun Show or simply FoF, is a mix of celebrity interviews, news commentary, author chats, cocktail recipes, grooming advice, political forum, new artist musical interludes, gift opening, and letter reading.

The show has won Best GLBT Podcast from the People’s Choice Podcast Awards and Best Podcast from the Gay Bloggies. As the most widely downloaded gay podcast, its availability has brought GLBT-themed programming to listeners in cities, towns, and rural areas across the country and around the world.

These Guys Get Social Networking and Web 2.0!

Yes, they may have won some fantastic awards and have created a show with fans worldwide, but one of their greatest strengths is that not only do they keep contemporary with their pop culture and show content they produce 5 times per week, they also stay way ahead of the curve when it comes to using t…

LA's Same Sex In The City Wedding Show a Great Success

Just in time for all of those gay wedding bells ringing in the California sunset, the folks at GBK Productions held a very successful event this past Sunday, with the proceeds benefiting The Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center.

Newly engaged Heather Matarazzo and Caroline Murphy at GBK Productions and Rrivre Works’, Same Sexy in the City Wedding Show on Sunday, August 17th.

The Wedding Show, sponsored by BottomLine Magazine, and, offered guests a variety of gay-friendly wedding professionals specializing in an array of helpful areas such as planning, design, photography, catering, cake design, fashion, travel, and more. The show was held August 17th at the sophisticated Sofitel Los Angeles and is coming up in just a few weeks on September 7th at the ultra-chic Parker Hotel in Palm Springs.

GBK Productions, known throughout Hollywood for its preeminent celebrity gift suites and special events has designed a wedding show tailored specifically for …

EGTV - Where E! Entertainment meets MTV meets the Gay World

I had the opportunity to sit down recently with Shane Charles, producer and host of the new show, EGTV, which is short for Entertainment Gay Television. After watching their pilot episode and interviewing both Shane and Marcelo Acevedo, EGTV's Executive Producer, I would say that as a cross between E! Entertainment and MTV, but made for a gay audience, this new monthly series is a sure winner as it touches on aspects of gay life that are both current and incredibly entertaining at the same time.

Interviewing Shane Charles at his Hollywood Press Junket

Covering various cities and the gay events that surround them, one might think the focus and scope of this new show is a bit more travel related. Although it definitely will peak the interest of local tourist boards wishing to bring in more GLBT travelers, it's audience is quite a bit broader, appealing both to those wishing to get to know a destination better as well as those who live in the city and enjoy seeing their nightlife…

Is That Your Vegas Showing?

You’ve partied it up in P-Town, played hard to get in the Big Easy, and pitted a peach in Hotlanta – but have you ever experienced the homosexual side of Sin City?

Probably not.
That’s because Las Vegas has long been a straight person’s playground. From legalized prostitution and sex shows on the Strip to quickie marriages and even quicker annulments, the desert destination draws in droves of heteros with promises of ‘What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.’

That recently abandoned motto is hardly true, as most vacationers soon find out, but there is one secret Vegas has managed to keep – where its LGBT community is hidden.

As history reveals, Vegas has never catered to gays and lesbians. Sure, the scandal-laden city’s Broadway-quality shows and other entertainment have maintained an ├╝ber-queer vibe for decades, but Vegas – truth be told – has all but disregarded its LGBT patrons. In fact, it wasn’t until 2004, when nightclub Krave opened its doors, that Vegas finally acquired an entire co…

The Sordid Lives Evening Recap by George Carrancho, American Airlines

Well it was a great evening over at the Sordid Lives Premier in New York City on Tuesday, July 15. Del Shores, the creator of “Sordid Lives: The Series” has done an amazing job in assembling the exceptional cast of stars.

Photo Credit: Justin Nelson
Caption: George Carrancho and Beth Grant, who plays Sissy Hickey in the Series.

The visibly pregnant Caroline Rhea hosted the special evening and was amazing conducting the live auction that raised more than $25,000 for the Trevor Project! Lucky winners bid for lunch with Rue McClanahan and Caroline Rhea as well as a few “Sordid Lives” walk on roles. Leslie Jordan often added to the bidding enthusiasm by offering “personal” services that are best left unmentioned.

The last and best offer was a walk on role with Olivia Newton-John---although the successful bidder would have to pay for her or his own transportation. When I saw the bidding hovering at $6,000, I decided to sweeten the deal by offering round-trip air transportation along with…

Riot Melrose Opening Party - July 10, 2008

Our team had such a great time at the opening night party for the new Riot store on Melrose.

Seems like everyone turned out this night, and our friend Richard Brower from Ft Lauderdale could only comment "you have some really, really freaky people here in LA!"

We were delighted to hang with Hector Monserratte, Bobby Trendy and Jonathan Chang... our gang included Fabrice Tasendo, Eric Burton, Richard Brower and Frank Mastronuzzi. Ross von Metzke of GayWired Media was also there with us, along with the sweet Charles Romaine.

We then worked our way over Raynard's FLOW party @ Mark's Restaurant, where we wound down the night and hung with our new friend Mike Pingel, author of the Q Guide to Charlie's Angels.

For more great photos from the night, check out:

Pride Week in Toronto - June 2008

Whew, what a week... it started with the kick-off Xtra! party last Thursday, over 10 days ago, at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. It was a great way to start Pride Week, as everyone from Toronto was out that night, including all of our friends from the Toronto Pride committee, as well as the folks from Xtra! My friends from the IGLTA (George Carrancho, Richard Brower and Bryan Herb) were all there, as they just had a reception at Ric Tremaine's place over at Gloucester Square Inn for IGLTA members and their friends. Also at the party were Bruce McDonald of and John Kenyon of

The IGLTA gang stayed the weekend (we had board meetings through Saturday evening)... we were entertained with a wonderful dinner at CN Tower, as well as another over-the-top dinner at the nearby Sheraton Centre hosted by Loren Christie. We stayed nearby at the Hilton, host hotel for our 2009 IGLTA Convention in May.

Well, Sunday rolled along and the IGLTA gang departed, leavin…

Pride Idol - Lincoln and Omaha - May 25, 2008

The team drove from Kansas City to Omaha for Memorial Day Weekend, at which point we were greeted with incredibly open arms and warm hearts. This sentiment just continued to grow the entire weekend, as we had a fantastic time with everyone!

Friday night was Pride Idol Lincoln, where we had a great time at Q Club the entire night.

Saturday night was a pre-reception with Thea Austin as our guest. After the reception, we descended on gay Omaha, starting out at a fun country-western bar called DC Saloon and then ended up at The Maxx, a huge nightclub in downtown Omaha, where we proceeded to make new friends every step of the way.

Sunday night was the big Pride Idol Finals, where we were thoroughly entertained the entire night. With acts ranging from "You Spin Me Right Round..." to "I Drove All Night...." performed by some of Nebraska's most talented GLBT performers, we had a great time. Of course the spice added by Omaha's drag personality,…

Pink Banana Party at Sue Ellen's

After the HX Gay Travel Expo, we had a really fun Pink Banana World Launch Party and after-party for the expo over in the Vixen Room upstairs at the new Sue Ellen's. Interactive Male was our sponsor and Gus Klein worked his tail off to help us make this event a success.
Bob and Gary from the Roundup Saloon came on down, as well as Michael Doughman, Dawn Meifert and a whole host of other folks, including many locals and online members. at the Socket Party at MJ's

We attended the TLA Releasing party for Socket at MJ's April 2nd, 2008 and had a blast!

Produced by Velvet Candy Entertainment and Dark Blue Films, Socket is an award-winning festival favorite that crosses the genre lines of sci-fi/horror with gay & lesbian characters.

Hosted by promoter Jovy Janolo and producers John Carrozza, Doug Prinzivalli, Matt Mishkoff, and writer/director Sean Abley, there were lots of fun giveaways to be had.

The crowd of well over 200 guests included SOCKET cast members Derek Long, Matthew Montgomery, Rasool Jahan, Allie Rivenbark, Bridgette Wright, Alisha Seaton, Bobaloo Koenig, Mari Marks, Jay Costelo, and Tim Hearl. Cinematographer Ivan Corona, associate producer Krista Pelen, composer Jennifer Kes Remmington, makeup artists Gage Hubbard and Ben Gunther, and set decorators Noah Naylor and Staci Mallet rounded out the crew.

Also on hand were SOCKET editor Dave Kittredge (writer/director of the forthcoming PORNOGRAPHY: A THRILLER), and his PORNOGRAPHY c…

Cowboys and Cocktails - February 2008 - Round Up in Dallas

Photos from the Cowboys & Cocktails Party at the Round Up in Dallas.
Two winners were picked to represent Gay Dallas around the world in 2008!