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Is That Your Vegas Showing?

You’ve partied it up in P-Town, played hard to get in the Big Easy, and pitted a peach in Hotlanta – but have you ever experienced the homosexual side of Sin City? Probably not. That’s because Las Vegas has long been a straight person’s playground. From legalized prostitution and sex shows on the Strip to quickie marriages and even quicker annulments, the desert destination draws in droves of heteros with promises of ‘What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.’ That recently abandoned motto is hardly true, as most vacationers soon find out, but there is one secret Vegas has managed to keep – where its LGBT community is hidden. As history reveals, Vegas has never catered to gays and lesbians. Sure, the scandal-laden city’s Broadway-quality shows and other entertainment have maintained an ├╝ber-queer vibe for decades, but Vegas – truth be told – has all but disregarded its LGBT patrons. In fact, it wasn’t until 2004, when nightclub Krave opened its doors, that Vegas finally acquired an entire

The Sordid Lives Evening Recap by George Carrancho, American Airlines

Well it was a great evening over at the Sordid Lives Premier in New York City on Tuesday, July 15. Del Shores, the creator of “Sordid Lives: The Series” has done an amazing job in assembling the exceptional cast of stars. Photo Credit: Justin Nelson Caption: George Carrancho and Beth Grant, who plays Sissy Hickey in the Series. The visibly pregnant Caroline Rhea hosted the special evening and was amazing conducting the live auction that raised more than $25,000 for the Trevor Project! Lucky winners bid for lunch with Rue McClanahan and Caroline Rhea as well as a few “Sordid Lives” walk on roles. Leslie Jordan often added to the bidding enthusiasm by offering “personal” services that are best left unmentioned. The last and best offer was a walk on role with Olivia Newton-John---although the successful bidder would have to pay for her or his own transportation. When I saw the bidding hovering at $6,000, I decided to sweeten the deal by offering round-trip air transportation along w

Riot Melrose Opening Party - July 10, 2008

Our team had such a great time at the opening night party for the new Riot store on Melrose. Seems like everyone turned out this night, and our friend Richard Brower from Ft Lauderdale could only comment "you have some really, really freaky people here in LA!" We were delighted to hang with Hector Monserratte, Bobby Trendy and Jonathan Chang... our gang included Fabrice Tasendo, Eric Burton, Richard Brower and Frank Mastronuzzi. Ross von Metzke of GayWired Media was also there with us, along with the sweet Charles Romaine. We then worked our way over Raynard's FLOW party @ Mark's Restaurant, where we wound down the night and hung with our new friend Mike Pingel, author of the Q Guide to Charlie's Angels. For more great photos from the night, check out: