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Next Evolution in the Gay Dating / Social App “Bent” GIVES GUYS A WHOLE NEW EXPERIENCE!

Whether you are in your own city or traveling, Bent offers what guys are looking for… MORE GUYS & PLACES TO BE! This NEXT EVOLUTION, HYBRID app for gay men has launched through the Apple ITunes Store, taking dating apps to a whole new level.   Bent has combined the best aspects of apps currently on the market with upgraded technology, simplicity and functionality. What sets Bent apart from the rest? Bent will be entirely FREE! No Profile Upgrade Fees for Additional Functionality No Annoying Banner Ads No Pop Up Messages Key Word Profile Search By Date Events Calendar “Message Boost” Feature for Message Broadcasting Social Integration with Local Gay Events, Clubs, Restaurants & Businesses Bent is not only a dating app for guys around the world, but a “Social” app as well.  Bent will allow gay businesses (clubs, hotels, restaurants, etc.) to enjoy the same geo-location profiles as guys in the area.  These profiles (based on location) will be merged into the gr

Cult British Film Launches Kickstarter Campaign

DRESSED AS A GIRL High Hopes, High Heels, High Drama The extraordinary true story of seven legendary alternative drag performance artists from East London as they take on the world. After four years filming comedy musical documentary 'Dressed as a Girl' (D.R.A.G) is nearing the end of principal filming. A mammoth shoot that has seen boob-a-thons, hospital wards, discos, emotional reunions, messed up make-up, passed out drag queens, ambulances and more sparkle than a Liberace movie. The film-makers are seeking funds for post production and have launched an online Kickstarter campaign to raise £10,000 to guarantee completion of 'Dressed as a Girl' to a point they can then sell it to distributors around the world. To donate money towards the Dressed As A Girl Kickstarter campaign visit DRESSED AS A GIRL KICKSTARTER LAUNCH  You are invited to be a part of film making history and support the Dressed As Girl Kickstarter launch o

Sir Ivan Featured in Premiere Issue of Super Model Magazine

Sir Ivan, one of Billboard's Top 10 recording artists of 2013, has been featured in the premiere issue of Super Model Magazine. Sir Ivan, a banker–turned–singer, reality TV celebrity, philanthropist and activist, has led a life that movies and dreams are made of... in the LGBT community, he has taken a lead role in the fight against bullying, putting his money where his mouth is and providing much needed support to organizations including the Trevor Project. Featuring Sir Ivan's castle in the Hamptons, along with snapshots of recent events and parties, the feature article points out the life that Sir Ivan has taken on, keeping his father's spirit alive through The Peaceman Foundation, established in support of charities dedicated to fighting hatred, violence and bullying. For more information on Sir Ivan, go to . To read more about Sir Ivan and other articles in the premiere issue of Super Model Magazine, go to