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Pride Radio's Swiss Giveaway

"Hey all... be sure to check this out... it's from one of our partners here online,!" Thanks, Matt Switzerland is one of the world's most LGBT friendly vacation destinations. It's our "PrideRadio Destination of the Month" and we're giving away a trip for two just for joining The Pride Party! From September 8th, 2008 through October 3rd, 2008, enter below to win the Pride Radio Switzerland Trip Getaway that includes: 2 roundtrip tickets with Swiss International Air Lines 7 nights of hotel accommodation 8-day first class Swiss Pass for unlimited travel within Switzerland public transportation system Promo Video

Check it out... also, will be running on video coming soon

2009 Gay Market Report Introduction

Welcome to the 2009 Gay Market Report, a comprehensive look at various opportunities and media sources for companies wishing to target the gay & lesbian community. Much of what you will find in this report is a summary of the opportunities available, with website URLs being the primary source of contact. For the media sources that have opted to participate in this guide, you'll find a more comprehensive breakdown of information along with contact details to allow you to make better informed decisions as to which sources may best serve your marketing needs. This guide is intended to cover the full range of gay & lesbian media sources and opportunities, including Internet, Print, E-mail, Events and more. Each year this guide will be updated with current information and will continue to grow along with the gay & lesbian media marketplace. Brief History of the Gay Market The emergence of gay & lesbian media is a somewhat recent phenomenon of the past 30 years. Start