Design World Media's "Same Sex Wedding" Art Poster

by Michael J Valente

About 40 years ago in a cozy little restaurant in Provincetown, Massachusetts, my wife and I witnessed the beginnings of the LGBT civil rights movement.  We were there!... during the great Florida Orange Juice boycott caused by Anita Bryant.  The Mimosas with a substitute juice tasted even better.  The culmination happened on Friday, June 26, 2015 when the SCOTUS made same-sex marriage the law of the land.  We Progressives predicted this many yeas ago.  Now it is time for us  to share our art "Same Sex Wedding" with the World.

(Not for nothin'... but you four Neanderthal SCOTUS's, please knuckle-drag your pitiful, disgraceful, lost souls back into your pre-historic cave with the rest of the pre-humans.  No, I won't sugar-coat it.)

I'm a photographer and I work with my long-time assistant.  After I retired, we started playing around with digital art on my PC.  We created many different abstract images... some with cultural significance and some just whimsical...  We started creating "Same Sex Wedding" in 2009 and it was finally completed earlier this year 2015.  

The inspiration for this art was my outrage over the passage of Prop 8 (banning Same Sex Marriage) in California in 2008.  Yes, I  listened to the right-wing radio talk-roaches extolling the virtues of Prop 8 and pulling out the same old hackneyed laundry list that supported discrimination throughout history: slavery, segregation, women suffrage, interracial marriage, same-sex sex, same-sex marriage, etc.

So one day shortly after the passage of Prob 8 I had enough.   I called up one of  the right-wing radio talk-roaches and let him have it good.  My family lives in Massachusetts, the first State to legalize Same Sex Marriage in 2004 and I visit once a year (I live in California.)  I told the talk-roach that he was right that traditional marriage would end.  I told him that on a recent visit I saw first-hand that all the traditional HETERO marriages in Massachusetts had ended in divorce and only same-sex marriages continued.  In addition, all clergy who had refused to perform Same Sex Marriage were thrown in jail with no trial... just tossed in to jail!

Well, the talk-roach was flabbergasted! He said, "Oh, no, that can't be true." I said, well that's what you predicted!!! MORON! I then went off into a rage yelling out MORON, MORON, MORON and of course I was disconnected.

Anyway, that's the short story of how we created "Same Sex Wedding."  The fight is still not over.  We support the LGBT community and want our art to carry the word to every corner of the Planet.   We are donating a portion of the sale of each poster to the LGBT community and causes.

Thank you for your support.
Michael J Valente



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