Heart-pounding Passion, Action Take Center Stage in New Novel by Tony Ginyard

Someone is murdering pre-op transgender people and a popular investigative journalist is hot on the killer’s trail. She has a special interest in the case – that same person has threatened her life. An unpleasant surprise at an award ceremony, followed by a violent act, is just the first step. This new thriller released by Dog Ear Publishing features a growing body count, broken promises and a killer’s thirst for revenge.

Misled” stars reporter Pamela Downing; her handsome husband Eric Tambone, a business man and ladies’ man; her best friend, the handsome Bryce Haddaway, who’s having second thoughts about his boyfriend, Chad, who has secrets of his own; longtime friend Sean, who makes a play for Bryce; Detective Dennis Edwards, who will not stop until he finds out who is responsible for killing his partner; and Fred, whose connection to events causes him to lose everything he ever held dear.

Affairs take their toll on married couples, and a shocking revelation leads to deadly encounters at a medical facility. Events spiraling out of control push one person past the breaking point, with unforgettable results, and undercover activities at a nightclub force shadowy figures into the light. “Misled” takes readers on an unforgettable journey of twists and turns, passion and justice.

Author Tony Ginyard (right) served as a law enforcement specialist with the U.S. Air Force. He and his husband live in South Philadelphia. “Misled” is his second novel. His first was “Beneath the Surface.”

Read an excerpt of the book here, for additional information, please visit www.TGinyard.com


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