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Inviting you to take a 2nd look at

Relaunched with the focus on featuring YOUR GLBT CONTENT to the rest of the world. We wanted to take this time to invite you to take a look at some of the major feature overhauls we've introduced to this month. The site's design is still being worked on, so please forgive some areas where it seems functionality has definitely outweighed design. We'll get to it soon. We've placed user-generated content front and center... it's like a Facebook News Feed focused exclusively on the gay & lesbian community . We're also featuring some of the best GLBT content feeds from around the world, and we've improved the social network capabilities of commenting on and integrating this content into the social news feed as well. We're also featuring News Highlights as chosen by YOU, the GLBT Community, on Twitter! Using some of the latest Twitter software available today, we can feature GLBT news and other stories "as it happens," as