RedPost Unveils 5 Exciting Promos After Successful VIP Party Launch

After a fantastic App launch party at Los Angeles' Bar 10 on Wednesday, RedPost, the new app that helps you get a second chance for love at first sight, launched 3 promotions on Thursday with promotional partners.

After a solid month of teasing us, RedPost launched on Wednesday September 15th with an over the top party, at West Hollywood's Bar 10.

The hyper-masculine comics used in the online campaign for the app came to life with L.A.'s finest models, assisted by the always glorious Guys & Manilla.

Check out the full photo gallery here!

At the party, we found out that the attendees were invited to beta-text version 3.0 of the app and will receive an invitation from Apple.
While we're not sure how many spots may still be available, feel free to visit to be on the waiting for the beta testing.

3 Promotion launched simultaneously on Thursday. Visit L.A.S.C, Toast, Body Factory, Shorty's or L.A. Skin to find out how you can win a gift certificate to either of those places:

The launch week of RedPost continues with a sponsorship of Justin David's Big Fat Grunt, on Sunday September 20th, at The Eagle in Los Angeles

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