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EqualityCard Launches

Credit Card Start-Up Set to Boost Fundraising for the LGBT Movement Philanthropy Ventures LLC, has launched EqualityCard™, a new credit card designed to raise funds for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) non-profits across the nation. The model allows EqualityCard™ business and consumer cardholders to generate tax-deductible donations equal to 1 percent of their purchases for the LGBT charities of their choice, with no out of pocket expense. “We’re extremely excited to launch EqualityCard™, a dynamic initiative to increase fundraising in the LGBT non-profit arena.” said Nick Lepetsos, Philanthropy Ventures LLC, Founder/CEO and EqualityCard™ creator. “We have a single vision, to bring to market a product that helps LGBT non-profit organizations execute their visions. There is a limitless potential for giving in this world, and we are determined to play a role in realizing that potential.” More than a dozen LGBT non-profit organizations recently joined EqualityCard™ a