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Sir Ivan & Guests Celebrate His New Hit Single “Here Come The Sun” At His Castle in the Hamptons [Photos]

In honor of Recording Artist and Philanthropist  Sir Ivan 's newly released single, " Here Comes The Sun ," which just entered the Billboard Breakout Chart at #4, guests were invited to join him at his legendary Hamptons Castle, a sprawling villa complete with a moat, bridges and a spectacular poolside area. Upon entering the event, guests were treated to sun-inspired decor and delights, a garden transformed in a tribute to Sir Ivan's single. Giant sunflowers paved a path to the party, where an impressively giant disco ball was suspended over the swimming pool, completed by a state-of-the-art light show, which gave revelers the sense of dancing into the night under the Midnight Sun.  Guests were all required to attend in costume or theme – wearing the colors of the sun: bright yellow, red and orange. A spectacular array of food with sun- inspired   ingredients from sunny-side-up eggs to sun-dried tomatoes and sunflowers seeds, welcomed guests, as di

Midnight Sun: Sir Ivan's Annual Hampton Fundraising Bash

On the heels of the release of his newly single “Here Comes The Sun,” recording artist Sir Ivan hosted his annual bash, “Midnight Sun” at his lavish castle in the Hamptons on August 23, 2014, to celebrate the release of his single, and to raise funds for his foundation.  Sir Ivan's Castle shining under the Midnight Sun Known for singing tunes about universal love, human rights and world peace, Sir Ivan created “The Peaceman Foundation,” to help individuals suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.) as a result of bullying, hatred, violence or persecution. Additionally, 100% of Sir Ivan’s personal recording artist royalties go to the non-profit charity. Later this year, Sir Ivan will release an anti-bullying anthem titled “Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye,” to raise awareness about the staggering statistics of teen suicides in the L G BT community, who attempt suicide at a rate 40% higher than that of straight teenagers. Proceeds from this song will b