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LGBTea: Celebrating Exotic Tastes! Campaign Launch

LGBTea is a brand of tea that not only delights the taste buds with exotic flavors, like Raging Raspberry and Juicy Tangerine, but also donates a portion of every sale they make to assist charities in advocating for LGBT rights. Not only does LGBTea donate to other charities such as HRC , The Trevor Project and LGBT Foundation , but it is also in the process of forming its own foundation, titled the LGBTea Foundation, which works toward achieving the company’s goal of LGBT rights and equality. LGBTea is trying to get the word out about their new product through their campaign to launch remarkable teas with intriguing flavors, while also encouraging the celebration of love. While they already donate a substantial amount of money to charities advocating for LGBT rights, starting October 11 and continuing thru to November 28, they will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo . During this promotion, 10% of the campaign funds received will go back to the LGBTea Fou