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Spotlight on Feast of Fools (plus GLBT Podcasting)

One of the most popular talk shows on the Internet today, as well as one of the originals in the gay market, Feast of Fools, alternately know as Gay Fun Show or simply FoF, is a mix of celebrity interviews, news commentary, author chats, cocktail recipes, grooming advice, political forum, new artist musical interludes, gift opening, and letter reading. The show has won Best GLBT Podcast from the People’s Choice Podcast Awards and Best Podcast from the Gay Bloggies. As the most widely downloaded gay podcast, its availability has brought GLBT-themed programming to listeners in cities, towns, and rural areas across the country and around the world. These Guys G et Social Networking and Web 2.0! Yes, they may have won some fantastic awards and have created a show with fans worldwide, but one of their greatest strengths is that not only do they keep contemporary with their pop culture and show content they produce 5 times per week, they also stay way ahead of the curve when it comes to usin

LA's Same Sex In The City Wedding Show a Great Success

Just in time for all of those gay wedding bells ringing in the California sunset, the folks at GBK Productions held a very successful event this past Sunday, with the proceeds benefiting The Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center. Newly engaged Heather Matarazzo and Caroline Murphy at GBK Productions and Rrivre Works’, Same Sexy in the City Wedding Show on Sunday, August 17th. The Wedding Show, sponsored by BottomLine Magazine, and, offered guests a variety of gay-friendly wedding professionals specializing in an array of helpful areas such as planning, design, photography, catering, cake design, fashion, travel, and more. The show was held August 17th at the sophisticated Sofitel Los Angeles and is coming up in just a few weeks on September 7th at the ultra-chic Parker Hotel in Palm Springs. GBK Productions, known throughout Hollywood for its preeminent celebrity gift suites and special events has designed a wedding show tailored specifically fo

EGTV - Where E! Entertainment meets MTV meets the Gay World

I had the opportunity to sit down recently with Shane Charles, producer and host of the new show, EGTV, which is short for Entertainment Gay Television. After watching their pilot episode and interviewing both Shane and Marcelo Acevedo, EGTV's Executive Producer, I would say that as a cross between E! Entertainment and MTV, but made for a gay audience, this new monthly series is a sure winner as it touches on aspects of gay life that are both current and incredibly entertaining at the same time. Interviewing Shane Charles at his Hollywood Press Junket Covering various cities and the gay events that surround them, one might think the focus and scope of this new show is a bit more travel related. Although it definitely will peak the interest of local tourist boards wishing to bring in more GLBT travelers, it's audience is quite a bit broader, appealing both to those wishing to get to know a destination better as well as those who live in the city and enjoy seeing their nightlif