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The Inside Will Help You Breathe Easier. The Outside Will Take Your Breath Away

by Duane Wells How much do you really know about germs and bacteria beyond the fact that they exist and can cause very bad things? Think about it. Watch the news, read a newspaper or turn on any number of health advice shows these days and you’ll get the message loud and clear – germs and bacteria are everywhere. Got it! That’s the fact. Now what’s the solution? The steady drumbeat of news and information about the spread of germs and bacteria has not only awakened a burgeoning nationwide obsession with hand washing and hand sanitizers, it has also spurred a well-founded, if moderately overheated, paranoia about laying hands on anything public, be it a door handle or the railings along walkways. All of which is good news for the most part, because after all, knowledge is power and as both Maya Angelou and Oprah are fond of saying, “When you know better, you do better.” But what about the air we breathe? Air is the one element with which we have the most contact and yet it

Jason Somerville - Trailblazing Gay Pro Poker Player

Jason Somerville is ranked among the world’s leading poker players, with winnings in excess of $4,800,000 to date. Over the course of his nine-year career, the 26-year-old poker phenom has consistently performed well in major tournaments, including The World Series of Poker ( WSOP ), World Poker Tour ( WPT ), Spring Championship Of Online Poker (SCOOP) and others. With a distinction as being the sport’s first openly gay professional competitor, and in addition to being a valued coach, a respected player and a fierce competitor, Somerville is also a sought-after host, commentator and content creator. Somerville’s expertise and interests also include eSports (particularly, League of Legends & StarCraft) and mixed martial arts (as a UFC super-fan and black belt former instructor in karate). Jason Somerville started his poker career at age 16, playing home games in Long Island, New York.  As he had always been both computer savvy and extremely competitive, Somerville found a true