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The Village Family Services #NoYouthHomeless Campaign Launches During National Homeless Youth Awareness Month

Social Media Campaign to Support and Bring Awareness to the Nearly 9,500 Homeless Youth between Ages of 12-24 in Los  Angeles County The Village Family Services provides much needed assistance to homeless youth throughout the year; however, launching the #NoYouthHomeless Campaign ( ) in the month of November during National Homeless Youth Awareness Month is an effort to bring local and national attention to the sad reality of those young adults living on the streets in America today. To show your support via social media outlets, please use:  and follow us on Facebook: “We felt so strongly about supporting homeless youth on multiple levels that we strategically placed our Drop-In Center next-door to a Free Health Clinic, proving direct access for our clients,” said Hugo Villa, CEO of the Village Family Services.  “In addition, our Drop-In Center is a haven for hom