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Pink Banana World at Gay Days Orlando - June 2009

We wanted to update you all on what a wonderful weekend we all had at the recent Gay Days 2009 event held in Orlando recently in June. The weather was mood-setting, stormy and crazy, with lightning and thunder all around. As we all arrived at the event to get set up for the accompanying Gay DaysExpo, with this tumultuous weather, lo and behold the power went out. But turning lemons into lemonade, not only did we all have a great time hanging out poolside waiting for the power to come back on, but the folks putting on Gay Days (thanks Chris and Tommy) arranged for free hot dogs and burgers for everyone waiting. Suffice it to say, hanging out poolside with our friends from Bud Light was one of the highlights of the trip... one never knows where some of the best networking can be had! Of course, the power came back and the event continued on without a hitch. The Expo itself was a success, as it is every year, since it's one of the key GLBT events held in the US where people truly