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Same-Sex Spouses, Green Cards & Happily Ever After

Q & A With Immigration Attorney Lynn E Schwartz by Fabrice Tasendo You have found your soul-mate and forever partner.  You decide to get married, and want to make your permanent home in the U.S.  You’re not sure if this is feasible because only one of you is a U.S. citizen.  Can your spouse live and work here? What do you need to do? Lately I've been getting these questions a lot. With a name like mine, once people realize that French is my native tongue and I only moved to the U.S. right after college, I pretty much get interrogated. Now that the nation is being swept with Marriage Equality, bi-national couples are getting married and having to navigate the muddy waters to a green card, pretty much like my bi-national straight friends did before them. So I sat down with immigration attorney Lynn E Schwartz of Lemery Greisler LLC, and it was my turn to question her. Q: Lynn, all my friends are getting married and all my bi-national friends are qui

Recording Artist Sir Ivan Releases New Anthem and Makes $100,000 Donation in Support of Anti-Bullying Efforts

Pop recording artist and philanthropist Sir Ivan has released a new single titled “Kiss All the Bullies Goodbye” in support of his anti-bullying campaign with The Peaceman Foundation. The track was produced by Paul Oakenfold , and features vocals by chart-topping singer Taylor Dayne and lyrics that condemn bullying and encourage people to be different and tolerant. Sir Ivan has also released an accompanying music video directed by Erik White ( Ryan Murphy ’s The Glee Project ). Sir Ivan, who is best known for his pop-dance remakes of 1960s and ‘70s hits, including “Imagine,”  “San Francisco,” and “Live For Today,” is a strong advocate against violence and intolerance who also goes by the pseudonym Peaceman . The Peaceman Foundation was founded by Sir Ivan in 2005 as a non-profit charity that battles hatred, violence and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  In conjunction with the release of this track, Sir Ivan, through the Peaceman Foundation, has pledged t