“Olympic Dance” performed by Alina Artts celebrates the Olympic Torch Relay on its’ journey to “Sochi 2014”

Hit The Red Light (Chris Cox Mix) on SoundCloud.com: https://soundcloud.com/alinaartts/hittheredlightchriscox

Olympic Dance Performance in Red Square

The “Olympic Dance”, the official song of the Olympic Torch Relay, will be performed by Russian recording artist Alina Artts as she accompanies the Olympic Torch on its’ journey through Russia to “Sochi 2014”. The “Olympic Dance” will unite more than 2900 towns and millions of fans as the torch arrives and is met with a live music and dance celebration in each town. Official partners of the Olympic Torch Relay include the Coca-Cola company, ОСАО «Ингосстрах» and ОАО «РЖД».

Torchbearers in each region will join the celebration after they’ve carried and passed on the Olympic Flame. They will be greeted by fans in each town at a vibrant flash-mob displaying the Olympic scarves with a choreographed dance to the “Olympic Dance” performed by Alina Artts.

“I think it’s so exciting that by watching the video and learning the dance moves online, everyone gets a chance to be involved and take part in the celebration of the Olympic Torch Relay,”  says Alina Artts. “ I’m just so proud and grateful for this opportunity to share the Olympic Spirit with music and dance throughout all of Russia and the world.” – says Alina Artts.

Anyone can become a part of the Olympic Torch Relay Celebration and participate in the “Olympic Dance” by learning the dance moves and joining the celebration in their town. A training video showcasing the dance moves of the “Olympic Dance” and how to become involved will be put online in a few days.

The world premier of “Olympic Dance” by Alina Artts will on the Europa Plus radio station and then shortly on various other media (radio, television and internet).

The “Olympic Dance” and video for the song were both written and directed by Evgeny Kamnev and showcase Alina Artts and her dancers demonstrating the official dance moves for the flash mob.

Alina’s first English track “Hit the Red Light” breaks new ground in the U.S. this fall after being the hottest track of the summer in Russia. 

Performance on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61zf1K3-OgA

Alina Artts launched her first solo album in 2011, featuring the hits “It’s Alright”, “Prekrasnaya lozh” (Прекрасная Ложь) and “Dishi glubzhe” (Дыши Глубже). Immediately following her debut album she delivered two more hits  “LA” and “So mnoy po-drugomu nelzya” (Со мной по-другому нельзя) which collectively received over 2 million views on YouTube and several notable chart positions in Russia.

Then in 2013 the long-haired Russian beauty exploded on the scene with a hot new track written by renown songwriters and producers Christian Fast, Didrik Thott and Maria Marcus titled “Hit the Red Light” which quickly became one of the hottest summer hits in Russia.

Celebrating the launch, on June 3, Alina performed “Hit the Red Light” live on the Red Square to thousands of fans becoming the most celebrated live event in Moscow this season.

Immediately following the success of “Hit the Red Light” in Russia, Alina hit the U.S. shooting a provocative new video to support the song. With almost a million views in just under a few months, the English version is already popular and now breaking into the DJ and club scene with hot remixes by popular and award winning producers Chris Cox and DJ Fisun.

Continuing to push the performance envelope, Alina and her dancers rocked the stage of the Sky Club & Concert Hall (Sochi) with an impressive new dynamic new show called ChISo 4102, created by the associate director behind Celine Dion’s show in Las Vegas.

With countless performances around the world including Lure (Los-Angeles), Icon, Soho Rooms, Milk, Sky Club & Concert Hall and other great concert venues, such as Moscow Kremlin and Red Square, Alina is rapidly becoming recognized as a global superstar with a spectacular stage presence.

Website: http://www.alinaartts.ru/

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Hit The Red Light (Chris Cox Mix): https://soundcloud.com/alinaartts/hittheredlightchriscox
Hit The Red Light (Radio Edit): https://soundcloud.com/alinaartts/hittheredlightradio
Hit The Red Light: https://soundcloud.com/alinaartts/hittheredlight

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