Pride Idol - Lincoln and Omaha - May 25, 2008

The team drove from Kansas City to Omaha for Memorial Day Weekend, at which point we were greeted with incredibly open arms and warm hearts. This sentiment just continued to grow the entire weekend, as we had a fantastic time with everyone!

Friday night was Pride Idol Lincoln, where we had a great time at Q Club the entire night.

Saturday night was a pre-reception with Thea Austin as our guest. After the reception, we descended on gay Omaha, starting out at a fun country-western bar called DC Saloon and then ended up at The Maxx, a huge nightclub in downtown Omaha, where we proceeded to make new friends every step of the way.

Sunday night was the big Pride Idol Finals, where we were thoroughly entertained the entire night. With acts ranging from "You Spin Me Right Round..." to "I Drove All Night...." performed by some of Nebraska's most talented GLBT performers, we had a great time. Of course the spice added by Omaha's drag personality, Salsa, was over the top, and between our other drag performers including Monroe and Wendy Day and Salsa's witty and crusty humor thrown in along the way (if I had a dollar for every time the word "fabulous" or "anyway" was said, I'd be a rich man today!), it was a night worth remembering!

Oh, and did I say that Troy and Jason Feinhold-Haasis, the pair responsible for this event, were absolutely wonderful?



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