The Village Family Services #NoYouthHomeless Campaign Launches During National Homeless Youth Awareness Month

Social Media Campaign to Support and Bring Awareness to the Nearly 9,500 Homeless Youth between Ages of 12-24 in Los Angeles County

The Village Family Services provides much needed assistance to homeless youth throughout the year; however, launching the #NoYouthHomeless Campaign ( in the month of November during National Homeless Youth Awareness Month is an effort to bring local and national attention to the sad reality of those young adults living on the streets in America today.

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“We felt so strongly about supporting homeless youth on multiple levels that we strategically placed our Drop-In Center next-door to a Free Health Clinic, proving direct access for our clients,” said Hugo Villa, CEO of the Village Family Services.  “In addition, our Drop-In Center is a haven for homeless youths to develop their personal growth, take care of their individual hygiene and a safe environment away from the dangers lurking in the streets of the Los Angeles area.”

According to current data from surveys conducted with homeless youth aged 14-21 by various agencies:

  • Los Angeles suffers from disproportionately high levels of youth homelessness when compared with the national average. 
  • The 2013 count for the San Fernando Valley uncovered a 64.8% increase in homelessness over 2011 and unaccompanied youth under the age of 18 increased by 48% (2013 the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority). 
  • 40% of homeless youth identify as LGBT (2012 Williams Institute Study). LGBT youth are at higher risk of emotional distress and face greater psycho-social challenges compared to heterosexual teens. 
  • Roughly 30% of clients using housing-related services such as emergency shelter and transitional living programs were LGBT (2012 Williams Institute Study).

About Village Family Services:
The Village Family Services protects children from abuse, preserves families and build a stronger, safer community for all. The agency provides supportive programs and services such as mental health counseling, foster care services and a drop-in center for at-risk and homeless youth. The Village Family Services is Southern California’s leading bilingual family wellness agency that provides a comprehensive range of services to achieve permanency and safety for neglected and abused children and youth.


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