Treeson Spring Water Launches Kickstarter To Fund Eco-Friendly, Socially-Conscious Project

Bottled water brand seeks to revolutionize water consumption and solve waste problem

Treeson Spring Water (Treeson) today announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to fund its new project. Treeson Spring Water is an environmentally friendly, socially conscious bottled water brand that is attempting to revolutionize the way we consume water. The Kickstarter campaign, which will launch on February 11, 2014, will attempt to raise over $95,000 to further fund the project.

Treeson began five years ago when founder Carlton Solle came across a trash stream washed up on one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. Disturbed by this, he began research and found out about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a vortex of trash larger than the size of Texas floating in the Ocean. He found that of the 250 billion water bottles sold each year, 200 million of them end up in waste. He was struck with an idea: to develop a product that created a solution to this waste problem instead of adding to it.

“I wanted to create the first product for the environment, from the environment,” says Solle. “Treeson is really more than just a water bottle, it’s a mission—one that we hope will help eliminate waste, create a sustainable system that ensures clean and fresh water for years to come, and galvanize people towards environmental action. Treeson puts the power of the rainforest into the palm of your hand.”

Treeson is attempting to create a lasting solution to the waste problem Solle encountered in several ways:
  • It is 100% eco-friendly in its design. It is made of toxin free, plant-based materials, is 100% sustainable, certified GMO free, biodegradable, and designed to collapse easily for easy return.
  • It has a unique return recycling program that is designed to remove Treeson bottles from the waste stream and use them to create clean energy. The bottle comes with a return mail label and can be popped into any USPS mail box when finished. It is then put through a special process at Treeson HQ that turns it into clean energy used to make new bottles.
  • They start with the world's finest naturally sourced spring water. They then purify it via a system modeled after how water is filtered in the rainforest canopy. They add back the vital nutrients and the electrolytes lost during purification and also add oxygen to return it to the state it was in at the source, giving your body a boost of natural rainforest energy.
  • Treeson are committed to ensuring that there is an abundance of fresh air and clean water for all for years to come, so for every bottle of water purchased, one tree is planted.
  • Last of all, in the spirit of complete transparency and accountability, it has developed a one-of-a-kind mobile app which allows all Treeson customers to track their bottles and see, in real time, the positive environmental impact they have made in choosing Treeson. 

The Kickstarter campaign promises a bevy of interesting rewards, including a sample pack to backers that pledge $19 or more, a six-pack and Treeson tee shirt for backers that pledge at $50 or two cases of the water as well as a “Guardian” eco-friendly tee plus surprise swag to those that back the campaign with $95 or more.

Treeson is also offering a Limited Edition “Camo Drop” tee shirt to anyone who backs the campaign and shares it on Facebook or Twitter and gets their friends to sign up. It will also offer a host of stretch rewards throughout the campaign.

For more information, check out the Kickstarter campaign at:

Treeson Spring Water is an environmentally friendly, socially conscious bottled water brand, founded by Carlton Solle in 2014. It is inspired by the rainforest and features a proprietary formula that blends the world’s finest regionally sourced spring water with electrolytes and oxygen to deliver the most natural spring water product to ever exist. All packaging is environmentally friendly and is part of a one-of-kind Zero Impact System; a participatory return-recycling program that ensures the packaging doesn't end up in a landfill, river, or ocean. The returned bottles are used to create clean energy to power the manufacturing of new bottles. Treeson wants to ensure that there is an abundance of fresh air and clean water for all for years to come, so for every bottle of water purchased, one tree is planted. It has developed a one-of-a-kind mobile app, which allows all Treeson customers to track their impact.


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