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Party history was made: First time ever a Medieval Castle was turned into a WWII battleship

Sir Ivan & Dina Lohan
Pop-dance recording artist Sir Ivan closed out the summer this year with yet another giant bash at his Hamptons Castle with his Sailors and Sinners Soiree. Men wore all white and sailor hats, and the women were dressed in burlesque outfits with feathered boas. TMZ favorite Dina Lohan, George Wayne of Vanity Fair and CBS’s Bart Scott (a former NY Jet) were among the 500+ guests in attendance. Global DJ, songwriter and remixer Sin Morera, who recently headlined at Vienna’s Life Ball, the largest AIDS fundraiser in all of Europe, kept the crowd dancing all night.

Party history was made when, for one night only, Sir Ivan’s entire medieval-style Castle was transformed into a WWII battleship, the U.S.S. Sir Ivan’s Castle. The entire three-story structure was draped in grey muslin fabric. A large American flag flew above at the prow of the ship and an enormous golden anchor was at the stern. Giant life preservers were hung from all the Castle balconies and the battleship was moored by inches-thick shipping rope cables tethered to oversized cleats at the edges of the swimming pool.

Sir Ivan's Castle Before Its Transformation
U.S.S. Sir Ivan's Castle During Its  Transformation

The Brig
The brig (left) was borrowed from Sir Ivan's elegant Marquis de Sade-inspired dungeon that remains hidden in the Castle at all times. Revelers that took the “Make Love Not War” party theme too literally were thrown into the brig while ProSieben TV from Germany filmed the event for Sir Ivan’s European fans.

Later in the evening, performance artist Admiral Sir Ivan put on a spectacular show, calling through a giant megaphone, “All Hands on Deck! We are under attack! Man your battle stations!” With red lights flashing, sirens blaring and naval tune “Anchor’s Away” blazing through the Castle’s nightclub quality sound system, a multitude of brightly lit yellow glow sticks torpedoed from the battleship turrets above into the infinity pool below. Sir Ivan then shared with his guests, “I wish we were in a world where wars were fought with glow sticks,” and thanked everyone for supporting his non-profit organization, The Peaceman Foundation, which fights against hatred, bullying and P.T.S.D. Sir Ivan and his Foundation are staunch supporters of the LGBT community and made a substantial contribution to The Trevor Project. They also donate to the Wounded Warrior Project, which serves veterans and servicemembers who incurred a physical or mental injury, illness or wound, co-incident to their military service on or after September 11, 2001 and their families, including treatment of P.T.S.D.

Sir Ivan Thanking Everyone For Supporting The Peaceman Foundation

For more about recording artist Sir Ivan and The Peaceman Foundation, visit:

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