Cult British Film Launches Kickstarter Campaign

High Hopes, High Heels, High Drama

The extraordinary true story of seven legendary alternative drag performance artists from East London as they take on the world.

After four years filming comedy musical documentary 'Dressed as a Girl' (D.R.A.G) is nearing the end of principal filming. A mammoth shoot that has seen boob-a-thons, hospital wards, discos, emotional reunions, messed up make-up, passed out drag queens, ambulances and more sparkle than a Liberace movie.

The film-makers are seeking funds for post production and have launched an online Kickstarter campaign to raise £10,000 to guarantee completion of 'Dressed as a Girl' to a point they can then sell it to distributors around the world.

To donate money towards the Dressed As A Girl Kickstarter campaign visit

You are invited to be a part of film making history and support the Dressed As Girl Kickstarter launch on Friday 15th November from 8pm at Manbar, 79 Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0NE Jonny Woo, Colin Rivhard Rothbart, Holestar and Chris Amos invite you to come to the Kickstarter Launch as we aim to raise £10,000 for the film competition. There will be free drink for early arrivals, performances, fun & games. This is a wrap party, celebration, charity event and club night all rolled into one. Not to be missed.

A cult film in the making, Dressed as a Girl, pulls off the wigs, wipes off the mascara and unveils the real people behind the much hyped and talked about alternative drag scene in East London.

Overeating, body dismorphia, inflated egos, drug use... Dressed as a Girl is so much more than tranny performances. In the tradition of such classics as Paris Is Burning and The Cockettes, Dressed as a Girl will shine a spotlight on the little understood but lovable gay drag culture.

In 2003, Jonny Woo, direct from New York City, lands in Shoreditch and we see the birth of a new drag army. With a beard and heels, channelling the butch with the fem and a wild devil may care attitude, Jonny is a fresh, new as yet unseen take on drag where everybody is invited to party. Situated in East London, the new cross dressing clique becomes the focus of attention for the fashion press and all the coolest underground bars and parties. British alternative drag has arrived and with it our Dressed as a Girl stars are born; Pia, Amber, Holestar, Scottee, John Sizzle and Ma Butcher.

Dressed as a Girl unveils the human side to what is behind the mask while celebrating the best of British alternative drag. The time is now to capture this exciting and unique scene and we have got all the best footage from the last four years.

Our Dressed as a Girl stars are anti-heroes who are hard working, creative, humorous, courageous, and passionate about expressing themselves. But they are also flawed with their own inner demons, struggles with substance abuse, acceptance and authority.

Dressed as a Girl is a piece of art in itself; a cult film set to be highly regarded internationally, featuring performances as well as gripping real life actuality. Award winning and a film festival favourite.

Drag is embedded into the history of gay culture worldwide and the British in particular have had a fascination with men in dresses as entertainment both gay and straight. In Shakespeare’s day, actors played all the female roles and many of his plays featured cross dressing. In fact the term ‘d.r.a.g.’ refers to his stage direction ‘dressed as a girl.’

Star Jonny Woo is a unique performance artist who has been instrumental in bringing alternative drag and cabaret to mainstream audiences. Disciplined in theatre and dance, inspired by New York performers his work is arresting, provocative, unpredictable and highly entertaining. Critically acclaimed and much in demand by club culture and corporations alike, Woo's work if not his presence at events alone, transcends definitions of high and low art. If by that it can be said that Woo is at home in the gutter as amongst the stars, that would be partially true. More that Jonny brings a sparkle and integrity to everything he does but with a force which leaves audiences inspired, shocked and exhilarated.

Star Holestar is multi-talented biological woman and former British soldier with an MA in Fine Arts, Holestar has been entertaining, DJing and showing off since giving birth to her gender bending persona while living in Vienna in 2003. She has appeared extensively throughout the UK, Austria, Cambodia, Germany, Turkey, Hungary, Italy, Denmark and New York. From Glastonbury, Bestival and Lovebox Festivals to National Portrait Gallery, Royal Opera House, ICA, V&A, Vienna Life Ball, Royal Festival Hall, galleries, cabaret spaces, theatres, bright stages and dingy basements.

Director Colin Rothbart is a London-based freelance producer and director of documentary programmes and prime time factual entertainment with nearly 20 years experience. He has worked for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, Sky, Bravo and Living and many independent production companies including Two Four, Talkback, Love Productions, RDF Media, Betty, IWC, BBC New York, Tiger Aspect and Granada. He has worked on a variety of factual and obs doc series such as 'Michael Portillo's Great British Railway Journeys', Alan Cumming's 'Urban Secrets,'The Apprentice', 'Celebrity Wife Swap', 'Splash!', 'World's Strictest Parents', 'Make Me A Christian,' 'Unreported World, ' Extreme Fishing,' 'Airport' and most recently 'Weekend Escapes' with Warwick Davis.

Producer Chris Amos is the owner of London's sexiest gay venue Manbar in Soho. The entrepreneurial Aussie graduated with a degree in Film & Television from Queensland University of Technology, Australia, in 1997. Since then he has a long history in media including editorships at The Sun and Bent magazine. A passionate film lover Chris is a published film reviewer for over two decades. Currently he is completing a Masters Degree in Scriptwriting at the London School of Film, Media & Performance.


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