The Inside Will Help You Breathe Easier. The Outside Will Take Your Breath Away

by Duane Wells

How much do you really know about germs and bacteria beyond the fact that they exist and can cause very bad things? Think about it.

Watch the news, read a newspaper or turn on any number of health advice shows these days and you’ll get the message loud and clear – germs and bacteria are everywhere. Got it!

That’s the fact. Now what’s the solution?

The steady drumbeat of news and information about the spread of germs and bacteria has not only awakened a burgeoning nationwide obsession with hand washing and hand sanitizers, it has also spurred a well-founded, if moderately overheated, paranoia about laying hands on anything public, be it a door handle or the railings along walkways. All of which is good news for the most part, because after all, knowledge is power and as both Maya Angelou and Oprah are fond of saying, “When you know better, you do better.”

But what about the air we breathe? Air is the one element with which we have the most contact and yet it is also the one over which we exert the least amount of control. You can control what you touch, what you eat and even the cleanliness of your environment. But air? Well that’s a trickier affair.

Up until recently, my only experience with air filtration systems had not proved particularly impressive. Every example that I saw was either too huge, too loud, too cumbersome to deal with or just too plain ugly.  And given that I am of the school of thought, that a healthy lifestyle and a stylish existence need not be mutually exclusive, none of these former examples would ever do.

Then one day, I tuned into a segment of Ellen and found myself transfixed as she talked about the air purifier that she uses in her studio. It’s called Airocide and it’s neither bumbling nor clumsy looking. In fact, it’s quite chic. Not to be overly dramatic, but as soon as I laid eyes on it, I almost felt like the heavens had opened up and delivered a miracle.

Slim and sleek, with dimensions and design that allow it to blend seamlessly with any d├ęcor, Airocide resides comfortably at the intersection of function and fabulous. Add to that the fact that Airocide was developed by NASA, approved by the FDA and has been shown to substantially reduce the presence of bacteria and mold (up to 75% in households) and the stylish solution to fixing that tricky problem with all the particles and gases that pollute the air we breathe daily became pretty obvious to me.

And did I mention that Airocide also fights odors…particularly pet odors? Well yeah, it does that too, all while it basically eliminates the gases and particles in the air that make life for asthma and allergy sufferers such a challenge.

Stylishly cleaner air? What’s not to love about that? Now that you know better, it’s time to do better.

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Unknown said…
That is by far the cutest way to explain Airocide that I could ever imagine! Both on Duane and Ellen's part.

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