Positive Young People Founder Logan Voxx to Roll-out “Think Positive” Benefit Series, Starting in Palm Springs April 7th

Logan Voxx isn’t like most 22-year-olds — growing up in rural South Carolina and Florida and spending time at a school for at risk youth, he’d witnessed drug use, poverty, neglect and friends ravaged by HIV before most teens get a driver's license. But unlike the many who might get knocked down by the hand life’s dealt them, Voxx managed to get out, and now, he’s hoping to give back.

In 2009, Voxx founded the Positive Young People Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to reducing the rate of HIV infection among 18-30 year-olds through education and awareness campaigns aimed at getting young people to talk about “HIV” and “AIDS.” Voxx says he believes HIV prevention begins with visibility, and in rural communities where the nearest free testing facility might be two hours away by car, the more people are talking about HIV, the better.

“Where I’m from, they don’t have the access to care that people in Los Angeles do,” Voxx says. “In L.A., there are billboards and awareness campaigns and clinics, and in [the South], we don’t have those things.”

Voxx also says campaigns telling young people to practice safe sex are well intentioned, but “practicing safe sex is not free. A box of condoms is $14 bucks,” an amount he says he was lucky to see in a week when he was growing up.

Through PYP, Voxx says he hopes to be able to provide care and services to at risk and infected young adults. With assistance from a team of medical professionals and advisors including Jeanne White, the mother of Ryan White, the foundation will kick start its “N-Ur-Face” billboard campaign throughout the Carolinas and Florida in 2011 and is currently accepting public service announcements on its website, PYPFoundation.org.

On April 7, Voxx will introduce PYP to the LGBT community with the group’s first fundraising event at the Hotel Zoso in Palm Springs. Project Runway’s Mondo Guerra will appear as the guest of honor along with guests Darryl Stephens (Noah's Arc), Bryan Safi (Current TV) and Michael Costello (Project Runway).  Events in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Atlanta to follow in the summer and fall.

A VIP reception will be held from 6 – 7:30 pm (tickets $150) with the main event kicking off at 7:30 pm (tickets $40). For more information and future events, visit www.PYPFoundation.org/events.


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